Certificate IV in Aromatherapy

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Aromatherapy involves aromatic extracts of plants for relaxation, treating ailments, healing, and health improvement. This Certificate IV in Aromatherapy - HLT42712 course provides a broad range of knowledge and practical skills required to be an aromatherapist. With its focus on aromatherapy based relaxation massage, it provides the basic skills in aromatherapy health assessment and treatment.

You’ll learn the basic anatomy and physiology knowledge necessary to assess client’s needs and competently plan and implement an appropriate series of treatments. You’ll obtain a fundamental knowledge of aromatherapy and the application of 29 essential oils and their use in aromatherapy massage, as well as the chemical origins and properties of each oil.

You’ll learn the physiological benefits of these oils in relation to the treatment of various conditions encountered in a clinical setting. Students will spend time within the AIAS Natural Medicine Clinic with real clients in a real work environment.

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Course Type: 
Certificate IV

Base level Aromatherapist giving basic aromatherapy treatments at:

  • Clinics
  • Health Retreats & Resorts
  • Day Spas
  • Aged care facilities or a health service
  • Manufacturing aromatherapy products
  • Retail

Certificate IV in Aromatherapy - HLT42712 is nationally recognised. 

Entry Requirements: 
  • 16 years+ (parental consent required for under 18 years)
  • Year 12 or equivalent
  • Mature age entry
  • Demonstrate relevant skills, capabilities required by SGA as being required for success within the course
Study Modes: 
Online, Campus, Blended
Melbourne, Brisbane
Course Structure: 

Campus: 6 month course full time or 18 month course part time consisting of 7 units broken up into either 2 or 3 stages of learning

Online: 12-18 month course part time consisting of 7 units broken up into either 2 or 3 stages of learning
5-6 hrs of study per week

Course Subject

Anatomy & physiology 1

Aromatherapy massage

Principle of aromatherapy

Communication strategies - health

Chemistry for aromatherapy

Clinic - aromatherapy 1A&1B

Clinic management


Provider details: 

Website: aias.edu.au

Brisbane Campus:
337 Logan Road
Stone Corner QLD 4121

Melbourne Campus:
399 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000